Simply put, Ambrosia

A few days ago, my grandmother was taken to the hospital. I received a call saying she was not long for our world, and rushed to the island. I went to the hospital and  spent the night by her side. This morning she woke up, alert and very surprised to see me, we were all so happy and she didn’t remember a thing.

It was her voracious appetite that gave us so much hope, she woke up after days of confused fogginess, perky and ready to have breakfast. To her parched mouth each juicy dripping piece of her fruit salad tasted like ambrosia, the food of the Gods.

This got me thinking, while I would say that generally I’m more of a veggie girl than a fruit fan, I have always craved a fruit salad I would actually like. I’m not a fan of standard fruit salad, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew, I can do without.

I would like to know who picked the palate for fruit salad, I have often wondered why some of my favourite fruits get overlooked for this delightfully succulent dish. So here is my Ambrosia fruit salad, filled with some often overlooked delicacies from Mother Natures Orchard.

Slice up  1/2 to 1 whole container of strawberries and put them in a Tupperware container with splash of Splenda and 2-3 tsp of water. Stick this in the fridge to marinade while to get everything else ready.

Slice the following fruits up into bite sized pieces, and really make them bite size, nothing is worse than having to cut a big piece of pineapple with a plastic fork.

3- Anjou Pears

2- Fuji Apples

2- Spartan Apples

1 cup of Green Grapes cut in halves

1 cup of Red Grapes cut in halves

3- Kiwi Fruit (ripe, but not mushy)

1 cup diced water melon

Then if you would like one or two oranges, however I find that the acidity isn’t what I’m looking for in a fruit salad.

Let all of these marinade with the strawberries for a few hours and serve your homemade Ambrosia with granola, cool whip or any other combination that sparks your interest.

~Thank you for the inspiration Grandma


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