Thank you to Wsquared Photo Design

On busy days, nothing is nicer than coming home to an easy, quick hot meal. In our family wraps and other ‘pita-foods’ are high in demand, they are classified as VGF, or Video Game Friendly. Personally I like wraps for the lack of dishes, if you know me, dishes are absolutely last on my list of things I will do.

A little while ago I headed over to my friend Amy’s house for a night of Tru Blood, brainstorming and dinner. Recently she has had the brilliant idea of keeping 2 bottles of champagne on hand for visitors, meaning this will be happening more often! On this particular night we stuck with non-alcoholic bevy’s.

Earlier that day I had put one pork loin roast into my handy-dandy-slow-cooker, and turning it to high I let it cook away for 5-7 hours. For seasoning I kept it simple with fresh garlic, oregano, McCormicks Garlic and Herb seasoning and a dash of Maggi. I basted every once in a while and even flipped it over half way through. Later on that afternoon I took 4 onions and put them into a frying pan with some light olive oil on a medium heat, covered them and let them simmer for a while. Stirring every once in a while to keep the browning even, these cook slowly, but are totally worth it.

In the end I had pork that shredded easily that I threw back into whatever drippings were left in the slow cooker. Easily heated up at Amy’s slow cookers make great traveling containers…if you’re careful. We took pita’s from Superstore, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and light salad dressing and had pork donairs with carmelized onions.

Lucky for me my friend is a photographer, I got some great photo’s of our night.

Even Buddy thought the Pork was great! Thanks Amy.

Thank you to Wsquared Photo Design


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