I’m sitting here, after nearly a month of house sitting, trying to rediscover my love of cooking. I find that cooking for one is discouraging to say the least, as I’m sure many single people will agree. This had me thinking of my earlier years, and a single mother I knew at the time.

Back in the day I was working my butt off, with little to show for it. As far as I’m concerned you can only live on Mr. Noodles for so long. At the time I lived in a cul du sac along with a friend of mine and her three young boys. She had a beautiful garden, full of fresh herbs and vegetables, I was envious, to this day I want to recreate her garden. I loved being in her small kitchen, with herbs hanging from the ceiling to dry and the smell of sage radiating through out.

One night, we were both struggling to come up with something for dinner, and I brought up the idea of a communal meal. She provided the vegetables and I would provide the meat. THat night we feasted on a simple roast, stir fry vegetables and some lovely rice.

We have become such an antisocial society, or perhaps that’s just my perception. I would love to find two or three families that I could share meals with. The thought of having company while cooking, or sharing the clean up duties, is refreshing compared to my normal routine. For single parent’s I can only imagine how hard it must be, which was why it was so refreshing to help out when I could.

If you are a family of one, or a single mother/father, why not team up with one or two others in your building or on your block and host communal meals? Share, not only the cost of dinner, but also the preparation, clean up and left overs. I heard this week that the average Canadian waste’s $500 worth of food in a year. Lets see if we can’t bring that number down a bit.


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