The other day, one of the guys I worked with, asked if I knew of a good bakery. My answer was, of course, “The bakery of Karen!” So I pulled out my favorite chocolate cake recipe and went to work, hoping he would opt for my home made delight.

When we moved into my GodParents house last October, one of the things I inherited was a massive pile of cool books. I tend to gravitate to church or school cook books, because they are filled with amazing ‘tried and tested’ recipes.

Imagine my surprise when my godmother picked up the cook book only to exclaim, “that’s my mom’s recipe!” since then I’ve kept this recipe close to my heart as I’ve never come close to a chocolate cake quite as good as this.


While dinner was cooking, I threw the batter together and made not only this individual sized master piece, but also copious amounts of mini cupcakes………another house hold favorite.
I got up at the crack of dawn to try my hand at decorating, only to realize a few baking truths:
1) Unless you have a very stiff plastic bag, it’s best to have actual cake decorating tools. My first few attempts proves just how much I needed the metal decorating tips. In the end I opted for a more simplistic approach, which turned out to be very pretty.
2) When the icing recipe said use a paste food coloring……and they knew what they were talking about. My icing ended up a little more runny than I has hoped for, making decorating that much more difficult.
3) My pink icing picked up a few of the crumbs from where I cut the cake to level it out, although its less than perfect, it gave the icing a strawberry look which I like quite a bit.
I ended up with a cake I seriously want to keep….and eat! Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll opt for a bakery cake!



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