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Coupon Clippers hold your heads up high

Well, it’s hard not to see the savings with I like that they have the brands I would like to buy, like So Good, and it makes it affordable. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant and still loves his cereal. This is one way to bring some of the name brand products we love, fit into my shoestring budget. coupon savings:

My Coupons


with purchase of M&M’s OR Maltesers
FREE With Purchase

SAVE $1.50

SAVE 75¢

SAVE $1.00

Organic Soy Beverage
SAVE 75¢

Soy Beverage 1.89L
SAVE 75¢

SAVE $1.00

Liquid or Sheets Fabric Softener
SAVE $1.00

SAVE 75¢

Laundry Detergent
SAVE $2.00

Ultra Liquid or Ultra Powder
SAVE $1.00

Bathroom Tissue
SAVE $1.00

Dog Snacks
SAVE $1.00

Cat Box Filler
SAVE $1.00

Adult Allergy Remedy
SAVE $2.00

Your coupon savings: 


Back into the swing

****Tip of the week: The Langley Farm Market has 10lb bags of Russette potatoes on for $1.99****

Yesterday was one of the most productive days I have had in a long time. Not only did I get up and drive my boyfriend to work, I headed off to Superstore, coffee in hand, for an early morning full-blown, large scale grocery shop. I’ve said it before, I love to shop early in the morning, with the exception of some boxes in the aisles, the store was relatively clear and I navigated with ease. MP3player in hand I listened to the vocal stylings of Pearl Jam and Sound Garden.

For this bi-weekly shop I have to account for 14 dinners, 8 lunches, and whatever else I need to keep me going. My budget was $250, as Superstore offers a gift with a purchase of $250 or more. Keep in mind that this is before taxes, however we all know how easy it is to spend that kind of money at Superstore. They carry just about everything you need, and a few things you didn’t know you needed.

My dinner for this Bi-weekly plan are as follows:

Chili-Cheese Hoagies-Pg 79

Greek Style Beef  & Veg-Pg 92

BBQ Chicken & Cheddar Quesadilla’s-Pg 213

Easy Chicken Tortilla soup-Pg 207

Chicken Alfredo Pot Pies-Pg 193

Chicken Shepherds Pie-Pg 193

Spanish Chicken Stew-Pg 184

Taco Spagetti-Pg 78

Homestyle Meat Loaf-Pg 64

Norwegian Meat Balls-Pg 71

Baked Cavatelli Pasta-Pg 77

Tex Mex Pork and Corn Soup-Pg 134

Chicken. supreme Casserol-Pg 197

Chicken Burgers-My No-recipe recipe

  • Check out my shopping list here.

By the end of every thing my bill came to $219 before taxes, the free gift with the flyer coupon was a turkey….an actual Turkey. I know it sounds silly, grocery stores have been giving away turkeys for a very long time. However I have lived in basement suites with freezers that were too small for me to fit a turkey, and all of my frozen foods. Only just recently have I mastered the art of limited freezer space.

So in order to make my total $250, I purchased two storage containers, one for dog food the other for potatoes and a clothing rack for our laundry room. All in all, I was thrilled with my purchases.

Some of the lovely tips of the trade have to do with bulk meat purchases. Ground beef is an economical meat that you can dress up or down as the meal requires. Those large black containers break down easily into four portions, or four meals. If you are a single person this gives you extra each meal you can use as lunches or for another dinner later in the week. For couples, this gives you more than enough for two meals and a lunch.

I like to divide the meat prior to freezing, giving my meal plan more flexibility and less of a chance of waste. Ziplock has great freezer bags, this is one thing I don’t like to purchase as a no name item. Good freezer bags will save you time and money in the long run, it’s well worth the extra $1-2.

For fast freezing, faster defrost time and more freezer room, press the ground beef flat as you close the Ziplock bag keeping the air out. This tip has been a blessing for my cramped freezer, I also divide up the bulk bags of chicken into meal sized bags with 3-4 breasts each, depending on the number of guests.

So now my freezer, turkey and all is neatly packed with veggies, buns, meat and Popsicle….and I can rest easy and prepare my meals knowing I have everything I need.

Trials and tribulations of a perfectionist

Well after nearly a month of house sitting and cooking for one, I am sitting down to attempt a much delayed shopping list. After Amy’s great suggestion of Thrifty’, I have tried for the life of me to use their online website for my shopping list this week……however, I can’t find canned tomatoes, a staple in my families pantry.

So tomorrow I will trek out to the local Superstore to complete my list….and should anyone figure out where the canned tomatoes are, please let me know.

Near death experience

My computer has seen the other side, he has been to the brink of scrap metal and come back with a vengeance. Thank goodness! Viruses took over my computer shortly after the last post I made, like a parasite it swarmed through nearly everything leaving me with no creative outlet.

However, after consulting with the computer guru’s in my life I managed to resurface without reformatting the whole bloody thing.

So I am back, the kitchen smells wonderful and I will show you just how good it was!