Hi my name is Karen, and I am a foodie

My name is Karen, and I am a lover of food. While as a child I was quite picky, and some times opinionated (you will never see peas in my recipes), as I age I find that I love to create, change and enhance recipes that are given to me.

Nothing makes me happier than to cook for my man, that’s him licking my face. How archaic, you are thinking, but in reality I’m an old-fashioned girl living in a modern world. How thankful am I that I live with a fellow foodie…even if he ‘claims’ to not like any vegetable.

My biggest struggle has been cooking relatively healthy, relatively inexpensive, and yummy meals in a relatively short time. When you work 8 hours a day and then commute, you don’t have time to spend 2 hours preparing a meal from scratch.

Those meals in a bag, frozen foods and processed boxes of…can it even be called food, they are not good for you or my thighs. We live our lives by a timer, most of us don’t have time to breathe at night, let alone prep and cook a full meal.

So I’ve been talking to just about anyone I can about food, I’ve been looking for tips and trying them out. Are my systems perfect? Nope. Are they intimidating? Um ya, sorry….but have they helped me? definitely.

Some times it takes time to make time.

So check out my links to sites that have given me great deals, or that you can find Canadian friendly coupons on. I’ll share with you my tips for your pets, and for your house, and I want to hear your tips.

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