The Spice, just Nice

Thankfully for me, I cleaned out my pantry not too long ago, otherwise this would have taken much longer than the 2 hours over the course of 2 days I’ve battled with it. Half way through pulling out the contents of my half-hazard spice cupboard I reached the decision that as much as I might have thought our current set up was working, it really isn’t.

So tomorrow I will suck it up and move it all back again. Can you hear my boyfriend say, “How do those words taste in your mouth?” followed very closely by his, I’m right dance. Still he was right, and I’ll move it back. I think my pride can take it.

I will move my food into two cupboards that flank the stove, moving plates and bowls into the hutch and glasses to the cupboard by the sink. Then the rotating-bane-of-my-existence-cupboard can be storage for canned and packaged non perishables. That way when Azzy my Orange Tabby decides to ride on it, I won’t have to worry about his fur.

Now in the past my spices have lived either above my stove or in a shoe box, yes a shoe box. However before I started this adventure I took my sisters advice and purchased a $29.99, fully stocked spice rack. The best suggestion EVER.

Two days ago, I was in love with my Real Canadian Super Store Special, it had all the spices I wanted and a few I had not thought of, but now I am looking forward to them. The down side is that I came home to find the top shelf of my spinning rack to be snapped in half. So tomorrow, with any luck, Super Store will be so kind as to replace that for me.

Regardless of whether or not they do, I love my Foodie Find. Buying a fully loaded spice rack is handy for those of us that don’t know where to start. It takes the guess-work out of which spices to buy, and hopefully will inspire you to start cooking by taste and smell. Play with them, there is no set rules on what not to do, at least as far as I know.


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